To catalyze nation building, community development, economic and individual growth, by creating more convenient ways to transact and avail of financial services.

Our Vision - Atomtech

To create a range of services that will help all Indians to transact and conduct business more easily, while also meeting our business goal of delivering shareholder value.

To leverage technology in the creation of a complete payment ecosystem.

To enable the transition of the Indian economy towards a "Cashless Society", bringing down the cost of minting, printing, circulating, handling and processing cash.

Our Mission - Atomtech

About Atom Technologies

Headquartered in Mumbai, atom technologies Limited is an end to end payment services provider offering a vast range of payment services and solutions through Online & Offline platforms.

Incorporated in the year 2006, atom’s core philosophy is based on one simple motto “ Providing Payment Solutions to All ”.

We believe, transaction should be a simple and convenient process, regardless of who and how it is done. It should be possible at any time of the day. With the rise of cutting edge technology, this power should be in the palm of your hands.

Atom Story - Atomtech

We have the right solution for you. We already cater to many sectors, providing each with a unique solution, customized to their needs to help make their business more profitable.

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Online Payment Gateways Solution - Atomtech

Who are our partner ?

We have partnered with major banks and credit card companies. The credit cards of these banks & companies can be used to transact on the atom platform. We are proud to have major telecom companies as our partners.

We also have tied up with more than 1500 merchants to provide these payment services. But we are always looking for new partners as we change and make the future of payment.

Our Partner - Atomtech

With RBI’s authorization, we took another leap to roll out our own semi-closed prepaid program, which we believe could be a potent tool for efficient payment collection in a cash economy like India. But we do not want to stop here.

With our goal constantly strive for the betterment of our services, we have acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification, while having our technology infrastructure hosted out of an ISO 27001 data center.

Next Atom Technologies

Accept Payments through all the possible channels.

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