Mobile Payments India

The Rise and Growth of Mobile Payments

With digital payments glorifying the Indian payment landscape, Mobile-based payments and cards are the jewel in the crown of the FinTech industry. Rapid innovation and adaption of technology and government’s…

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MDR Charges Blog Banner

All about MDR Charges & other Digital Payments related Fees

Every now and then we stumble upon the term Merchant Discount Rate or MDR charges but do we actually know what it means, who gets the share and most importantly,…

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2021 payment forecast

2021 through a looking glass: What to expect on the digital payments front?

Rowing through the troubled waters of 2020, Indian payments industry stumbled upon newer ways to work through the unexpected twists and turns of the pandemic. As the pandemic restrained the…

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Digital Payments in India 2020

Digital Payments in India: Here’s to looking back at the year 2020

Year 2020 has nevertheless, been a bumpy ride for everyone. With the global pandemic hitting us and locking and limiting us to indoors, we evolved into a new normal to…

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e payment for income tax

Making e-payment for income tax? All you need to know!

Post flagging off of the Digital India Campaign, almost all physical governmental activities have taken up a new home- online. Aiding citizens to indulge in tax payment or assimilating documents…

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