Atom’s Credit Solutions- Pandemic saviour for every business

Credit Solutions

It is an undeniable fact that the businesses around the globe are bearing the harsh brunt of the Coronavirus pandemic. The catastrophic impact that the pandemic brought with itself has clutched most industries into its taut grip, exhausting their resources, capital and manpower down the drain. This may lead to an imminent death in case of smaller and medium-sized businesses which may spiral down the slope, in these difficult times. 

Amidst all this, the businesses have however, devised new means to sustain themselves by either implementing novel strategies or re-structuring the existing ones. The bottom-line is that every business must adapt and adept themselves with the norms of the new normal in order to thrive. 

With government policies and schemes in place aiming to keep alive the small and medium enterprises of the nation, Atom has also devised a compact suite of credit solutions which is targeted towards enhancing the commerciality of businesses by providing increasing the spending capability of their customers and allowing them to keep indulging in purchasing from our merchants.

Our formidable selection of credit tools- EMI and Pay Later, let the capital flow by allowing your customers to buy goods and services from you and paying you through easy monthly installments. Closely analyzing the situation in hand, it is evident that the buying pattern of consumers in Indian market is more towards options which doesn’t burn a hole in their pocket. This has nevertheless, lead to a higher volume of credit based payments as affordability is always the central concern for every shopper.


Atom’s Easy Monthly Instalments lets business owners make purchasing affordable for customers. Every time a consumer wants to spend a hefty amount on a consumable without wanting to pay the entire amount in one go, they make use of EMI option. Atom provides Credit Card EMI solution on 10+ major banks, allowing our merchants to make higher-value transactions affordable on their customers’ pockets and let them pay in easy monthly instalments.

credit solutions-emi


A newly curated one-click credit option which allows customers to pay through a virtual credit card. As the name suggests, PayLater allows your customers to make a purchase and then pay for it later in easy instalments. For a customer to make use of this service, he needs to be registered with the virtual credit portal and then make purchases and pay for it at his convenience. 

Atom has integrated with two platforms for PayLater facility. 

credit solutions-paylater

A merchant can provide the resolution to his customers of paying later through ePayLater and Early Salary from Atom’s portal. With PayLater facility, a merchant can enhance the customer experience and encourage higher value purchase conveniently. 

Why Atom’s Credit Solutions?

Atom’s Credit Solutions have a lot of benefits in-store for the merchants.

  • Harness the power of Credit Solution for luring customers into purchase of higher value commodity that they may be critical of spending in one go. 
  • Bring in more customer base to your portal by allowing them the convenience of paying gradually and at their ease. Credit Solutions may bring in newer business to you as your customers would want to purchase from you instead of your competitor who doesn’t provide similar options.
  • Penetrate to the market of consumers who doesn’t hold a credit card with PayLater options like- Early Salary and ePayLater. 
  • Make your products and services affordable to your customers by providing them with the facility to pay in easy installments instead of imposing the total amount on them. This may also make your customers be with you for longer. 
  • Enhance your customer experience. The biggest strength of any business would be a customer who is satiated with the customer service and overall experience he has undergone with a merchant. Providing convenient buying solutions for your customers increase chances of a return purchase with you whilst making business a seamless affair.

Who can make use of Atom’s Credit Solutions?

Atom’s Credit Solutions are for anyone and everyone who wants to empower their business’ sales and enhance their customer base by making spending a suitable affair. 

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At the end of the day, it is simply not pandemic that your business should focus on while making a long-term decision. Credit payments have become a part and parcel of today’s consumer’s purchase pattern. If your business is still not acquainted with EMI and PayLater options, you are overlooking heavily in terms of sales and return purchase from your customers. 

Atom’s Credit Solutions makes sure that enterprises from every vertical and of every size, never miss out on any prospective business opportunity. 

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