Make Education Loans effortless with Atom’s EarlySalary Payment Option

Graduating from a top-notch educational institute has nevertheless become the utmost priority of every student. To bag a degree from the ‘Ivy- league’ and the most reputed schools and colleges is a dream that every child bears and their parents go out of their ways to make it come true. In India, education is considered as an asset, a milestone for which regular investments are made by the parents in aspirations of prepping their kids towards a better, brighter future.

However, the rising tuition costs and other educational expenses loops parents into a downward spiral of pricey loans from banks demanding hefty paperwork and wearisome formalities. Addressing to these problems and making sure that your savings doesn’t dry up, Atom has introduced a modern day loan solution which eliminates the bank formalities and takes the financial burden off your shoulders when it comes to your child’s education.

EarlySalary is a one of a kind financial solution which allows parents to seamlessly pay their child’s fee- tuition and other miscellaneous expenses while encouraging repayment in small, affordable EMIs, thereby promoting an affordable educational ambiance. Atom with EarlySalary believes in delivering simple, convenient and pocket-friendly digital payment solutions which can elevate the overall educational experience without grinding you down under the pressure of credit.

Payment Solutions for Education Institutes

How can you avail simple education loan with Atom?

Painless education loans are no more a dream with Atom and EarlySalary. Give your kids’ dreams wings while maintaining a delicate balance between quality education and other essential day to day expenses, by following three simple steps.

Why choose instant loans with Atom instead of bank loans?

Atom and EarlySalary personifies the simplicity of requesting educational loans for your children. With an aim to empower your child’s education, it provides instant cash loans without demanding any security or hefty paperwork.

Frequently Asked Questions for Atom’s EarlySalary Payment Option

1. Why should I choose EarlySalary Option?

EarlySalary option available on Atom’s payment portal allows you to seek instant loans for your child’s education and lets you pay in pocket-friendly EMI options without the hassle of any paperwork.

2. What is the maximum eligible limit and EMI tenure details?

Maximum limit is 2 lacs and it can be paid in tenures of 3,6,9 and 12 months.

3. How will customers pay the EMI?

Customers can pay the EMI on Early Salary platform through payment options like Net Banking, UPI, IMPS or Auto-Debit.

4. Will the user bear any processing charges apart from interest rate?

No. Customers can choose the most comfortable EMI tenure for repayment of the loan with levied interest.

5. Can the customer prepay the loan and will he be charged for it?

Customers can prepay the dues at any time with zero pre-payment charges.

6. What is the settlement process for the Educational Institutions?

The entire fee amount will be settled with the institutes post successful transaction on T+2 or T+3 basis.

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