What is Mobile POS, How it works and why does your business need it ?

With the continuous growth in business and India’s reformation towards becoming a digital economy, it has become quite evident that there needs to be an alternative to the payment hassles that a merchant has to go through.  People are relying more on plastic money now-a-days than cash and it is essential for any merchant who has an itch to branch out his business, to acquaint himself with the norms of accepting credit and debit card payments. Getting a POS machine can be an arduous and expensive deal. It requires time, money and above all, technical know-how.  Catering to Businesses big or small, from an entrepreneur to a tea-stall, Atom Technologies realized the need to devise a supremely simple and effective device to accept payments through credit and debit cards.  The introduction of mobile POS device has changed the way we experience card payments and replaced cash transactions in many scenarios.

An mPOS is a portable device that allows merchants to accept card payments anytime, anywhere. It functions just like a traditional ‘Point of Sale device’, but is extremely handy and easy to operate. mPOS is a ‘must’ have for any merchant who is looking forward to increasing his customer base and providing a digital edge to his business.

Atom’s mGalla is a revolutionary application, which allows a merchant to accept digital payments through a number of options. This involves mPOS, UPI, Link Based Payments and Bharat QR Scan&Pay. A merchant simply needs to download the application from Google Playstore, undergo a quick sign up and that’s it. You’re ready to accept digital payments on your fingertips.

How Can I get Atom’s mPOS device?

If you’re a first time user, you have to simply download the mGalla application and undergo a quick sign up. Go to the settings tab, accessible from the top left corner, go to ‘Activate mPOS’ option and send a request for the mPOS device.

If you already have an mPOS device, sign-in on the mGalla application and register your mPOS device under the ‘settings’ tab. You will be asked to input your username and password which will be provided to you by Atom only.

Why do I need Atom’s mPOS?

mPOS solutions now-a-days have diverse options and run on an array of devices, ranging  from smart phones to tablets.  Atom’s mPOS has many advantages that every merchant should know about.

  • Accept credit and debit card payments anytime, anywhere. One of the key elements of mPOS device is that they are portable and extremely convenient to use.  A merchant can carry the device anywhere and accept payments through credit or debit cards anytime.
  • Improved security. The mPOS device encrypts the transactions and any card information isn’t stored with the device, minimizing the risk of security breach. Customers can therefore make card payments freely without worrying about losing their bank details to anyone.

How can I accept payments with Atom’s mPOS?

If you are a merchant and you have no idea how to accept payments through an mPOS device, then your prayers have been answered! With Atom’s mPOS device you can accept credit and debit card payments in a matter of minutes. mGalla’s simple and user friendly interface is an answer to any merchant’s card payment related hassles.

To accept payments through Atom’s mPOS device,

  • Log into your mGalla account from your smart phone and provide relevant payment related information. This will include your customer’s details i.e., their name, contact information and the amount of the transaction.
  • Once you have input all the information, select the mPOS payment option from the given list of payment acceptance modes.
  • Insert the CHIP card or Swipe the magnetic-stripe card in order to accept payments.

Ask your customer to punch in their PIN number to complete the transaction.

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