Coronavirus Pandemic a boon or bane to the Indian Digital Payments Landscape?

Is Corona virus Pandemic a boon or bane to the Indian Digital Payments Landscape?

With the world encircled around the global pandemic of Covid-19, leading to no resort but to practice the social protocols of hygiene and distancing, the effect on the businesses across…

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payment solution for cable TV providers

Cable TV Sector in India: Why does the industry need to switch to online payments?

The world of Cable Operators has recorded an unprecedented growth in the Indian market. The major factors propelling the growth consists of the favorable government policies, technological advancement, spending power…

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Telemedicine payment solutions

Telemedicine and Remote Payments: The future of the Indian Healthcare Sector

The global coronavirus pandemic has nevertheless made us spiral into resorting to remote ways of functioning. Be it corporates, businesses or medicine, the uncertainty of times and adherence to social…

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Online Payment Frauds

The Online Payment Fraud Scare and how to mitigate it?

An eCommerce portal is based on transactions made online, where customers pay for products and services, they are making a purchase of. Online payment has undoubtedly made our life convenient…

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Nodal, Escrow or Current Account

Nodal, Escrow or Current. Which account is most appropriate for your business?

Owning an online business comes with several responsibilities. You deal with multiple complex transactions on an everyday basis where your money moves across different networks- right from vendors to customers…

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