card transactions

Analysis of Card Transactions at POS Machines and ATM’s

The last few years have been crucial for India as the nation together strives to achieve the famous Government initiative “Digital India”. Whilst some of the population are still in…

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Payment Processing

What is payment processing- payment processor vs payment gateway

What is payment processing? Payment processing is the term used to define processing of digital transactions between the buyer and sellers. In simple terms, the payment processor collects info about…

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Website compliance requirements to integrate Payment Gateway

To run a successful online business, one needs to integrate a payment gateway on its website. Before integration prepares for the compliance process to ensure that the website complies with…

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Document required to integrate payment gateway

What are the documents required to integrate atom Payment Gateway?

With a lot of entrepreneurs going online these days and looking for a payment gateway service provider, a very common question that we all come across is, “What are the…

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electronic-payment system

Overview of an E-Payment System

As the name suggests, an electronic payment system or e-payment system refers to the payment of goods or services over the internet without the use of cash or cheque and…

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