What is Recurring Payments- what to choose UPI or Credit Cards?

Recurring Payment

Every time you seek payments from your merchants for a product or service on a periodic basis, you need a subscription model to help you automatically debit the amount without the hassle of constantly pestering and reminding your customers for the same. This is where Recurring Payments come in handy. Recurring payments is a subscription-based model that consents the merchant to automatically deduct a certain amount of money at a scheduled time, that the customer is liable to pay.

The option of opting for recurring payments has been available widely for Credit Card customers, but with UPI jumping in the forefront, it will open another door for the customers to choose how to make payments through.

Recurring Payment

Integrate your business with Atom Technologies and provide your customers the luxury of making payments through whichever mode they desire. Our state-of-the-art technology is equipped to provide you with digital payment options like UPI, Scan and Pay, Card Swipe, Net Banking, Link Based, among the rest.

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