Telemedicine and Remote Payments: The future of the Indian Healthcare Sector

Telemedicine payment solutions

The global coronavirus pandemic has nevertheless made us spiral into resorting to remote ways of functioning. Be it corporates, businesses or medicine, the uncertainty of times and adherence to social protocol has made us realize the importance of switching to digital modes of communication. But in the midst of this crisis, the most essential service, being that of a medical professional shouldn’t be hampered.

Healthcare centres , clearly being the epicentre of this unprecedented global pandemic have risen to the occasion of deploying most of their resources towards the essential services sector of the hospital.

Medical service providers are now more than ever, offering services to accommodate to consumer demands for accessible healthcare facilities. With patients resorting to remote services of healthcare during the pandemic, the hospitals are struggling to bill them for the care and consultation they receive. This calls for a solution which bills them in the same way they are billed when they visit a medical facility. This is where Atom comes into play.

Atom’s digital payment solutions eradicates the major hitch the telemedicine providers face- collection of consultation fees.

Since 2005, Atom- a digital payments provider, has been successfully developing innovative and award-winning digital payment solutions, encompassing services like POS, Online Payment Gateway, IVR and Mobile Application.  Atom’s digital payment solutions eradicates the major hitch the telemedicine providers face- collection of consultation fees. Its comprehensive contactless digital solutions are tailor-made to cater to tele medical’s payment acceptance needs and allow them to conveniently accept payments without the fear of further transmission.

Here’s how you can accept remote payments with Atom.

1. Electronic Invoicing: Send an automatically generated fee payment invoice to your patients on their registered e-mail ID.

2. Link Based Payments: Request fee payments from your patients by sending payment links over WhatsApp, SMS and e-mail.

3. UPI: Accept fee payments through a Virtual Payment Address eliminating the hassle of providing bank details to your patients.

4. Wallet: Let your patients pay you through the convenience of digital wallets.

It is evident that the telemedicine market is all set to propel and expand rapidly in the coming years. More and more hospitals in the developing economies are now inclined towards providing healthcare services through remote means. In the midst of this boost, it is essential that you adopt a digital payment solution which can understand and deliver the resolutions as per your needs. Get in touch to know how can we help digitize your remote fee payment acceptance.

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