Frequently asked questions

Atom is a payment services provider, which allows you to collect payments using online, mobile & IVR channels. It provides a great level of convenience for doing day to day financial transactions like Ticketing, Mobile bills / Recharge, Shopping, Fund Transfer, Premium payments, Utility Bill Payments & lots more.

SMS to 54959 and you will get an URL link to download the application on your GSM phone. The application can be activated using GPRS services.

The GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) system is used by GSM mobile phones, for transmitting IP packets. Using GPRS we can browse Internet services on the mobile handset. For each transaction you end up spending few paisas for the data usage charges. For activating GPRS services, you need to talk to your GSM service provider.

Atom application is supported on MIDP 2.0 Java enabled phones, It works with all GSM operators.

Atom PIN is a unique 4 – 6 digit numeric password, which is similar to your ATM PIN, this PIN has to be used to initiate all transactions and should not be shared with anyone.

In such case, kindly speak to our customer cell at 1860-2334959.

There is no documentation required for atom application. In case you want to Register as Full KYC customer and able to do transaction upto 1 Lakh send mail to

Not unless the person is aware of your atom PIN. You should always ensure that you don’t share the same with any other person.

You will be able to Login using your credential

You need to remember the atom customer ID, we need to ensure we save the same in secure place so one can excess in case of any requirement. It is required in case you have to re-register your application because of change in mobile number or handset. It is stored in “ABOUT” menu of atom application.

No changes required in case of change of Handset. In case you change your Number mark mail to

Registration process takes normally less then 2 minutes.

Please call our customer care cell at 1860-2334959.

You will get all details as part of the digital receipt on the mobile application.

One. You need to have an EPBX facility.

Yes atom provides every merchant with a web interface which displays the transactions on a real time basis; you can download the reports in multiple formats such as Xls, CSV, text etc.

Yes these reports can be customized to suit your requirements.

No, the EPBX can be configured to dial a 8 digit on dialing a Hot number of 2 / 3 / 4 digits depending upon the EPBX

Yes you can customize the voice prompts to suit your requirements.

If you are dialing in from Mumbai, then local call charges will apply, if you are calling from any other city respective telecom charges will apply.

Yes, but we would request you to ask your bank to issue separate MID for IVR payments so that your reconciliation is smooth. Also it has to be a MOTO MID.

These transactions are termed as MOTO transactions and are the same as Payment Gateway transactions.

During the call the customer punches his card details on his phone and does not provide the details to any person, also Paybuzz is the First IVR solution provider which has been certified by Master Card and Visa to process Credit Card transactions. (PCI DSS certified).

Yes depending upon your business requirements we can provide an In house solution to you so that your Outgoing call costs can be saved.

Yes, you can make payments from any Credit Card.

Outgoing calls depend on the PRI lines. Single PRI lines can do 30calls concurrently.

No, the card details are not store in any location and the system is really secured.

Can IVR accept payments from landline/mobile?

It will be sent to the bank, who will check the credential and return back the authorization status.

Yes, money will come directly to Merchant a/c.

certified - atomtech visa mastercard PCI