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A well developed and progressive Insurance and Mutual Fund sector is a blessing for the country’s economic development. It comes across as a pillar for long-term funds for infrastructure development and concurrently strengthens the risk-taking ability of the country.

India’s Insurance and Mutual Funds industry has witnessed rapid growth during the last decade. Despite becoming a mature sector and achieving stupendous growth in the last decade, the payment collection mechanism is still not as effective as it should be. Insurance premiums still see a lot of lapse for full life policies. The conversion of sales for General Insurance companies is still uncertain. Payment collections for Mutual Funds are not yet as systemised as per requirement. What can change the game is an efficient payment services organisation with multiple options for payment collection. We are here to provide the right solution.

For organisations in the Insurance and Mutual Fund sector, Atom has bouquet of smart solutions to collect customer payments efficiently and profitably.

Insurance & Mutual Fund - Atomtech

Accept Payments through all the possible channels.

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