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Fee collection is a common challenge for Educational Institutes across the country. Over-burdening of staff with cumbersome manual fee collection and reconciliation of cheques and demand drafts during admission period can certainly be overwhelming which in turn gives way to fallacy, inefficiency and fraud.
Most schools and colleges still rely on physical forms of payment collection making the process tedious, resulting in poor user-experience for parents and custodians. To eliminate this hassle and make fee payment acceptance a seamless process, Atom provides customized solutions to cater to the specific needs of the institution by providing them integration with multiple solutions for acceptance and reconciliation of fees.
A significant rise in trends of specifically tailored solutions to cater to the needs of education sector, has been witnessed. While originally, payments services were generically focused on the exchange of value, the emerging trends in the strata combines it with value-added services, focusing on delivering an end-to-end solution for the institution.

Payment Gateway For Education Industry

Importance of Digital Payment Service for the Education Sector

Most of the educational institutes are still accustomed to the error-prone manual process due to either lack of viable options or their hesitance towards culminating them. These manual processes are time consuming and necessitates efforts from the administration, teachers, parents and students and may expose the school to a higher risk of fallacy and corruption.

Inefficient manual fee collection and processing

Cash and cheque collection, manual reconciliation of payments and paper-based processes for admission and tuition fees leads to inconvenience and disorganization.

Risk of Fraud and Loss

Manual processes have their own shortcomings. They are not as efficient as digital modes of progression. Physical fee collection and reconciliation may lead to fraud and inaccuracy. Maintaining records of such cumbersome details is difficult and may lead to loss of crucial information.

Poor User experience

Clunky, inconsistent and multistep disjointed processes lead to unnecessary hassle to parents and guardians. Manual method with inability to track school activities and notices leads to time consuming interactions between parents and administration.

Payment aggravations

Students and administration often face challenges when it comes to making smaller payments like canteen bills, recharges, ticketing, hostel fee etc. within the campus, needing a comprehensive, one-stop solution for all.

Payment Gateway For Education Industry

How adaption of Digital Payments can enhance the functionality of the Education Landscape

  1. Reduced cash handling leading to lesser fraud and discrepancy.
  2. Increased payment process efficiency
  3. Digitalized audit trail
  4. Data for quick and sound decision-making.

Atom’s offerings for education institutes

Atom’s myriad digital payment solutions are tailored to meet the needs of your educational institution thereby aiding you in effortless acceptance and management of hefty fee amounts.

Point of Sale Payments
Atom’s POS terminals come at minimal initial investment and low operational cost, allowing you to accept credit and debit card payments from almost all the banks.

Internet Payment Gateway
Atom’s Online Payment Gateway offers various solutions for processing transactions. Our platform is integrated with more than 50 banks and offers 265 + payment options through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS, Net Banking etc., allowing students to pay online 24*7 through the institution’s website.

e-Challan allows the parents or students to make payments by generating a challan online followed by paying at any bank branch pan India, saving time and money.

Campus Cards
Atom’s multi-utility Campus Cards are designed to help both Students and Faculty for various purposes. It acts as a College ID, Attendance card, Hostel fee, Recharges and can also be used to pay canteen bills.

EMI Payments
Atom provides multi-bank credit card EMI which empowers the parents and students to make payments in quick instalments, making fee payment affordable. We offer EMI services on more than 9 bank credit cards.

Education Loan
Atom has tied up with several partners to offer comprehensive education loan, facilitating learning and growth of students.

Standing Instructions
Standing Instructions allow the institution to automatically debit a certain recurring amount approved by the parents, over a fixed time interval. It ensures that fee is timely collected without any default, as per the institute’s schedule.

ERP Solutions
Atom provides integration with ERP solutions facilitating smooth fee collection, reconciliation and cross-channel settlement. Our customized ERP solutions aid your institution unequivocally by curtailing almost 90% of the manual toil and manage the internal processes smoothly and efficiently.

Atom solutions are suitable for

Atom’s digital payment solutions are tailor-made to aid the changing needs of the Indian education landscape with the central manifestation of this trend being a shift from physical methods to digital, more coherent means.

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