Entertainment Industry

Digital Payment solutions for entertainment industries such as movie theaters, audio and video parlours, TV and Web Media

As lives are increasingly becoming stressful, entertainment has become an essential part of life. Entertainment arenas have gone hi-tech to make their customers enjoy their time with them. One of the hi-tech feature includes the provision to make bookings to these arenas online whether they are restaurants, movie halls or plays.

For the entertainment industry, an inefficient booking and payment platform can become a huge turn off for customers and could lead to a dip in profitability. Atom ensures payment platforms remains highly efficient and allow for quick booking by the customers, thus accounting for an increased operational efficiency and profitability.

Atom brings in the most efficient payment options for the entertainment sector covering the entire landscape of Internet, IVR, mobile and POS. At the same time, you can roll out a semi-closed prepaid card in association with Atom to loyal customers as well.

Payment gateway for entertainment industry