Retail Industry

Digital Payment solutions for retailers

Retail is one industry that faces unprecedented competition. Increasing footfalls is the biggest challenge before every retailer. The fast changing customer preferences and availability of choices put customers on the move and retailers are hard-pressed to operate efficiently and help customers get positive shopping experience.

As customers are increasingly preferring to make online purchases, retail is fast becoming etail. In etail, competition is gruesome. Retailers are required to have an online presence, have a portal which customers can browse and purchase from irrespective of where they are. This coupled with a sensitive and stable payment gateway such as Atom will direct retail business onto a new stream.

Atom is all about efficiency. Our payment helps retailers manage their transactions efficiently, cost effectively and profitably. Further it can help the retailer manage more customer check-ins and thus attract more new customers to the outlet. Atom offers a gamut of payment solutions for retail businesses such as multiple shopping carts and single click checkouts.

payment gateway for retailers

Some of the popular retailers are already doing successful business with us

big basket atom's payment gateway
future group is using atom payment gateway
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