• With Atom IVR, validation and authorization of card information happens real-time over a secure link.
  • Our system is integrated with a risk management system which is a customizable rule based fraud detection and prevention engine that identifies and alerts possible suspicious transactions.
  • Atom IVR provides extensive customizability and rich features to allow any corporate accepting payment through their call center to offer multitude of choices to their customers.
  • Atom IVR is available in a standalone version thus allowing merchants to start accepting payments as fast as possible. However if a merchant requires a seamless flow, our IVR systems can be integrated with the order systems or CRM to provide a real time integrated payment system that would allow you to track the order along with the payment in real-time.
  • In addition to agents accepting payments Atom IVR can also be used to accept payments through an outbound call, which is very useful for payments such as insurance premium etc.
Interactive Voice Response - Atomtech


Our platform is integrated with more than 48 banks over internet, offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, (IMPS) Immediate Payment Service and Rupay. Paynetz offers multiple channel payment experience supporting various channels like web integration, prepaid wallet, IVR, POS Etc.

Multiple Payment Options

Atom IVR is a multi-channel payment enabler. The systems allows the customer to make payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS.

Customized Call-Flow

Atom IVR is a versatile system and allows the merchant to configure his own call-flow based on his requirements.

Inbound Calls

Inbound calls where the customer initiate a call to Atom IVR to make payments, can be handled in four ways:

  • Agent Assisted Integrated
  • Agent Assisted Non-Integrated
  • Automated Integrated
  • Automated Non-Integrated

Outbound Calls

Outbound calls where Atom initiates a call to the customer for payment may be made through two modes:

  • Automated Integrated
  • Automated Non-Integrated
IVR Process Call Flow - Atomtech

Express Checkout – Saved Cards

Atom IVR is a smart system that is all about making the payment process convenient to the customer. The system will prompt the customer using a voice tag to save card details except for CVV. The card details are saved upon the customer’s positive confirmation.

Atom IVR Multi-Channel Payment

Risk Management

Atom IVR works together with Cyber Source to validate international cards eliminating the risks associated with them.

IVR Risk Management - Atomtech

Configure IVR Report

Atom IVR is designed to generate entirely customizable IVR report as needed by merchant. The merchant can thus customize the report to exactly the details in columns he wishes to see.

Configure IVR Report - Atomtech


The card details punched in over mobile phone is encrypted and sent to base station ensuring complete data protection.

IVR Secure Payment Services - Atomtech
Real - Time Transaction Reporting & Reconciliation Tool

Atom has a web based transaction tool for the merchant to monitor transactions happening on the IVR platform on real–time basis. The tools allows the merchant to customise the information viewed, conduct reconciliation activities and also do multiple search activities.

IVR Services - Atomtech

Order Capture Utility

This is used in a standalone version by the agents to feed in the details such as mobile number, email-id, agent id, selected product, amount, etc. The IVR system will thereupon generate a unique ID for which is shared with the customer through email, SMS and through voice tags that are played on the IVR.

Order Capture Utility - Atomtech
Comprehensive Telephony Support

Atom has 4 numbers of Airtel, Reliance, MTNL and Tata specifically configured for its merchant’s inbound and outbound call needs. Merchants with their own customized call-flows is configured with these Atoms calling numbers and allows customers/agents whose number is configured against particular IVR Merchant ID to listen to these IVR voice-tags. Further, Atom also allots unique DID numbers to its merchants. Unique DID numbers ensure that customers calling for a specific merchant gets to listen to that merchant’s voice-tag only.

Comprehensive Telephony Support - Atomtech

Accept Payments over a Phone call via IVR payments

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