Omnichannel Payment Solutions

Delight your Customers with an
Omni Channel Experience on every platform

“Consumers think of shopping as one experience, whether online, in-store or on a mobile device, so must businesses”

Atom provides your shoppers a seamless shopping experience across all channels through its Omni Channel Solutions.

So whether you customer is:

Sitting in front of the TV and telly shopping

IVR Feature -Atomtech
Mobile Payment Gateway Service - Atomtech

Is a smart phone shopper making a purchase on an e-commerce App

Is an in-store shopper making a purchase on a POS Machine?

secure online payment - Atomtech
Omni Channnel Experience - Atomtech

Or, a customer shopping from the desktop

We provide a seamless payment solution for all the platforms, this would not only delight your customers but also help you built loyalty thus increasing sales.

India’s only omni channel payment solution provider

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