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Point Of Sale has become an important tool for merchants to receive payments from their customers. POS terminals make transactions effortless, less time consuming and accurate. Merchants need not worry about inefficiencies in handling cash or depend on an efficient employee to man the cash counter.

Atom helps merchants make a seamless switch from the brick-and-mortar payment mode to POS. The types of devices with which Atom helps merchants move from brick and mortar payment receiving system to a full-fledged POS system.

We provides comprehensive services
POS Services - Atomtech

POS Machine Payment - Atomtech

Setup with Card Association

Atom will undertake for the merchant, complete installation of the POS and walk the merchant through POS processes and protocols making its handling easy and comfortable for him. The processes undertaken to this effect include:

  • Procurement of new BIN ( Bank Identification Number ) & ICA ( Interbank Card Association Number )
  • Switching & Settlement Certification
  • Terminal Certification – PSTN, PC POS, GPRS, MPoS

Once the POS system is set up, the merchant will be supported by the atom HelpDesk for any services ranging from training, request for consumables, any other payment related issues and, assistance in retrieving charge slips and other documents in RR / CB cases.

POS Machine Setup - Atomtech

Transaction flow in Atom POS system

Online transaction flow: When a customer swipes a card on the POS terminal, the transaction is sent to a POS Switch which routes all VISA / MasterCard / RuPay to the respective issuer for authorization.

On day closing, Atom will perform for the merchant “end-of-day process” which includes generation of out-going files and sending them to the respective associations - VISA, MasterCard & NPCI for settlement. Once settlement advice is received from these associations, Atom will send the Merchant Payment Report to the merchant’s bank for issue of payment. For transactions that are Open/Suspect, verification will be conducted by atom and then normalized.

Atom POS System - Atomtech

Transaction Monitoring

Atom’s POS system safeguards the interests of the banks and merchants equally. It will monitor transactions, provide early alerts on suspicious transactions and also assist banks in reducing disputes and charge backs.

Transaction Monitoring - Atomtech

Risk and Fraud

Atom POS is a prudent system and is built to reduce risks and fraudulent transactions. It provides the means to track, analyze and prevent frauds in a competent manner.

The support Atom POS can provide include

  • Rule based generation of Exceptional Report
  • Setting acquirer Limit at Merchant Level
  • Analysis of declined transactions, split transactions/multiple swipe attempts
  • Scrutiny of High Value Domestic/International transactions, dormant to active statuses, new merchants and, swipe & chip transactions.
  • Fallback transactions report
  • Payment HOLD mechanism for all suspicious transactions & investigation
  • Document collection & verification
  • Assistance to banks to conduct random & planned merchant visits for Risk Sampling based on MCC and location of merchants.
Risk & Fraud - Atomtech

Here is how Point of Sale (Card Swipe Machine) system works ?

There are more than 1000 million card holders in India and these customers are increasingly using cards for day to day purchases.

Being a merchant one can’t afford to miss out on that kind of business. Learn how to accept any amount from any card (debit/credit) with Atom POS Machines and grow your business.


Our platform is integrated with more than 48 banks over internet, offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, (IMPS) Immediate Payment Service and Rupay. Paynetz offers multiple channel payment experience supporting various channels like web integration, prepaid wallet, IVR, POS Etc.

Multi Terminal Support

PSTN EDC, GPRS EDC, PC POS (through Plutus and Innoviti), mPOS

Each merchant has a unique POS terminal requirement based on the type of their business. Organised retail requires terminals integrated with their billing systems to single store retailers who need POS terminals connected to their PSTN telephone lines or GPRS based terminals to drive their counters. Added to this, there are a whole lot of hand delivery businesses, which can use a mobile POS terminal for convenience. Today, atom covers the gamut of terminal types ranging from regular PSTN terminals to mobile POS terminals. Atom has also geared up to accept mVisa and would soon be offering Visa PayWave and Master card Secure Pass through its terminals.

Multi Terminal Support - Atomtech

Integrated Dashboard giving a universal view of all transactions

Businesses have become complex and it's imperative for a business to be selling offline as well as online. One of the most important requirements for a merchant is to a single view across their different business channels so as to devise appropriate strategies. Atom's merchant console provides an integrated view of all transactions and allows a merchant to view settlements and other reports across POS, Internet, IVR as well as mobile channels. With an intuitive UI, it helps merchants to filter, search for any information related to the customer transactions. This, in all, becomes a heart and soul for the business.

Multi EMI

Multi Bank EMI

Today's customers are always on look out for deals and ways to maximise their savings, whereas businesses need customers to spend. Offering a customer to pay in Equated Monthly Instalments on their credit cards is one sure shot way of bringing in customers and thus increasing revenues.

Atom offers multi bank EMI across

Multi Bank EMI - Atomtech

Multi EMI

Risk and Fraud Management

Credit card frauds an everyday event in the newspapers. More so with India getting integrated into global economies, where we see a large inflow of expats working or tourists pouring into India. Protecting risks and controlling fraud becomes the cornerstone for a business as well as in case of banks that are into merchant acquiring.

Multi EMI

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