POS machine price Nominal card swipe machine charges

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POS machines are an absolute necessary in today’s cashless business world. With POS machines you can get payments easily via debit/credit cards at your brick and mortar store or from your customer’s door step. atom’s POS machine charges are one of the best in the industry. We have different POS machine purchase prices for our three types of card swipe machines -PSTN, GPRS and mPOS.

POS machine cost is affordable for both small and big merchants checkout our “Lifetime Purchase Package”

POS Machine India


₹ 7000

POS Terminal India


₹ 10500

mPOS Mahine India


₹ 5000

Absolutely no Service Charge & AMC for 2 years

POS machine MDR charges

Our card swipe machine charges are quite competitive.

Credit Cards
1.8% for all cards

Debit Cards
As per RBI guidelines


  • AMC (3rd year onwards) 20%
  • The cost will include 2 years SIM rental and Rolls
  • AMC will exclude the cost of repair /spare parts
  • Amount is non-refundable
  • Taxes Extra
  • No. of rolls will be delivered in proportionate to transaction

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