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atom’s online payment gateway platform offers you various solutions for processing transactions. Our Payment Gateway is integrated with 50+ banks and 256+ payment options offering transaction through all major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, IMPS etc. Its robust set of capabilities is devised to aid both start-ups and the longest running businesses to grow revenue, alleviate risk and safeguard customer’s data. Our bulletproof online security backed with PCI DSS version 3.2 and 256-bit encryption ensures safe transaction.

265+ payment options
265+ payment options

Your customers can pay through numerous payments options like 10+ Credit Cards, 45+ Net Banking, 100+ Debit Cards, Bharat QR, 10+ wallets, IMPS, ATM Cards with Pin, Challan, UPI, NEFT/RTGS.

Highest Security Encryption
Highest security encryption

atom’s bulletproof online security backed with PCI DSS version 3.2 and 256-bit encryption ensures safe transaction.

Express Checkout
Express Checkout

Express checkout allows registered customers to securely store the card number and expiry date so as to avoid entering the same for every transaction. Through this facility customer will be able to complete the subsequent transactions by selecting the saved card and entering the CVV number.

Transaction Failure
Retry Option

In the event of transaction failure due to reasons such as time out or connectivity issues, customers are usually required to re-enter all the transaction and instrument details making it a cumbersome process. Paynetz’s retry option is a feature where the customer is given the option to retry instead of filing the details all over again.

Merchant  Invoice Payment
Invoice Payment

A customize page will be sent along with payment link to customer on his/her registered email id. Customer can complete the payment and will receive payment confirmation on his/her email. Merchant can run mass mailer campaign to his customers with certain attractive scheme along with payment.

Multiple Gateways to Merchants
Dynamic Routing

We provide multiple gateways to merchants to ensure uninterrupted transaction flow i.e. if any of the gateway is not functioning because of bank server, the transaction will automatically route to an active gateway.

Standing Instructions
Standing Instructions

Standing Instruction (SI) is a service by which the merchant can pull money from the credit card on periodic basis. This module works well for industries where there is recurring payment collection e.g., Utility, Insurance etc.

Credit Card EMI
Multibank EMI

atom provides multi bank credit card EMI which gives your customer the ease of payment in instalments and also empowers merchants to sell higher value products. It is available across 10+ credit cards and is the ultimate mid-way to balance your customers budget.

Merchant Console

Scale faster with intelligent data

atom provides a Merchant Admin Console which helps the merchant to monitor transaction online on real time basis. With customizable design and layout, you can access the console anytime, anywhere. Our intelligent tools help you boost conversions and capture more revenue.

Features & Benefits

  • Single web reporting interface for credit card, debit card & Net Banking transactions
  • Merchant/admin user can create multiple sub users to access merchant admin console and assign selected rights to the sub users
  • Option to raise Invoice for the customer to collect online payments along with Bulk upload invoice payment facility
  • Merchant can view settlement report, transaction history and download the same in excel format
  • In settings option, merchant can view profile, edit return URL, change transaction password and change login account password
  • Manage your transactions, refunds, disputes and settlements from one single dashboard.

How Payment Gateway Works?

  • Customer purchases a product from your website.
  • They can press the ‘Pay Now’ button which will redirect them to online payment gateway.
  • Customer needs to select from various payment options available
Payment Gateway verification and authorization

Verification & Authorization
  • Customer now enters the required details for verification
  • Following verification and authorization, payment gateway notifies you that the payment has been approved and you can deliver the ordered products or services.
Payment  Settlement

  • The amount will be credited in two working days

Benefits of Using atom Payment Gateway

Secure Processing

Our bulletproof online security backed with PCI DSS version 3.2 and 256-bit encryption ensures safe and reliable transaction.

Easy Payments Settlements

The amount is easily deducted from the customer’s account and credited to the merchants account in two working days.

Multi-Currency Payment System

atom’s multi-currency processing system enables merchants to give their customers a localized buying experience with 265+ payment options including Rupay, Amex etc.

Integrates with all alternative channels

Easy to use payment gateway integration kits for website & mobile app for more than 25 platforms.

payment gateway integration

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atom provides quick on boarding, 24*7 support, easy API integration and EMI for customers. Its agility and finesse enables every business to flourish impeccably.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Gateway is your doorway to accept digital payments for the sales made online. Integrating Atom’s Payment Gateway is a piece of cake with our user-friendly APIs for more than 25 platforms for your website and mobile application. It is quick, effortless and requires minimal coding skills. To integrate Atom Payment Gateway, click:
Atom’s bullet-proof security is backed by PCI DSS 3.2V compliance and is 256-bit encrypted, ensuring a safe and reliable transactional atmosphere.
Atom Payment Gateway is integrated with 50+ banks and offers state-of-the art, myriad payment options, while keeping up and equipping you with the latest payment technologies. Atom Payment Gateway makes sure that your never miss out on any form of online payment from your customers.
Keeping in mind the regulatory guidelines and security protocols, Atom requires every merchant to submit a set of documents depending upon the nature of their business. This entails, Proprietorship, Partnership, Private, Trust, Society, etc. To know the comprehensive list of documents, click on:
Adhering to the policy, Atom cannot make its services available to merchants who directly or indirectly deal in certain products or services under restricted categories. This includes,
Yes. Atom’s Payment Gateway allows you to accept both domestic and international online payments, subjective to bank approvals.
Atom offers tailor-made solutions depending on the nature and size of your business. It also provides customised rates for higher value and volume of transactions.
Atom’s settlement works on a T+2 basis where, T is the date of transaction made, followed by 2 bank working days.